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Feshionn IOBI

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Immerse yourself in ultimate luxury with our 14K Yellow Gold Ring, a stunning masterpiece that exudes opulence from every perspective. Featuring a breathtaking knotted diamond design at its core, symbolizing the unity of love, this central element is surrounded by a chorus of immaculate white diamonds that gracefully embellish the duplicated band, emitting a dazzling sparkle. With an impressive width of 7.52mm at its peak, this ring stands as a testament to the craftsmanship of fine jewelry, presenting a lavish and captivating addition to the most discerning collections.

  • For Women
  • Occasion: Engagement, Wedding, Anniversary, Special Occasion
  • Cut: Round Brilliant
  • Polish: Excellent
  • Quality: Amazing craftsmanship smooth and comfortable
  • Width: 7.5mm Wide at the top
  • Carat Weight: 0.18CTW
  • Materials: Solid 14K Yellow Gold
  • Cut Grade: Excellent
  • Very comfortable
  • Stones: 82 Natural White Diamonds
  • Hallmark: 14K
  • Ring Weight: About 2.25 Grams
  • MSRP: $965
  • Risk free
  • 30 Day Return Policy
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Feshionn IOBI Ships from USA and Europe.

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