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Fiona 4CT Pear Cut Halo IOBI Cultured Diamond Ring

Feshionn IOBI

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Fire and feminity define our Fiona ring. All of the attributes of the highest quality, natural diamond are showcased in this unbelievable, 4 carat IOBI Cultured Diamond. The pear cut stone is flawless, with a Clarity Rating: IF and the perfect color grade of D-E on the Diamond Grading scale. Expertly cut and polished with the utmost precision producing facets that emanate the most exceptional color and fire.

This delicate pavé halo adds just a touch of intrigue to this magnificent 4CT Pear cut center stone. The color and brilliance are complimented by the highly polished, platinum plated setting and band, the effect is magnificent.

An IOBI Cultured Diamond allows for the purchase of a larger, more elaborate ring, is eco-friendly and conflict-free. Our Fiona IOBI Cultured Diamond is the epitome of luxury jewelry. Whether a symbol of love as an anniversary ring or the much-deserved self-splurge it is guaranteed to impress. IOBI Cultured Diamonds arrive in a rich velvet ring box for stunning presentation.
IOBI Cultured Diamond: NSCD 4Ct Nano Simulated Carbon Diamond
  • Cut: Pear
  • Setting: 3 Prong Halo 
  • Color Grade: D-E
  • Clarity Grade: IF
  • Carat Weight: Center Stone - 4 Ct
  • Size: 14mm x 10mm
  • Materials: Highest Quality Platinum plating over Solid 925 Sterling Silver
  • Hallmark: Pt950  IOBI  D4.00CT
  • Ring Weight: 6 Grams
Fiona 4CT Pear Cut Halo IOBI Cultured Diamond Ring
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$ 459.00
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