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Elise 1.5CT Emerald Cut Solitaire IOBI Cultured Diamond Ring

Feshionn IOBI

$ 185.00 $ 899.00
Elise, with entrancing beauty and grace. All of the attributes of the highest quality, natural diamond are showcased in this exquisite, 1.5 carat IOBI Cultured Diamond. The emerald cut stone is simply radiant, with a Clarity Rating: IF and a colorless grade on the diamond grading scale: Color Grade D-E. Expertly cut and polished with the utmost precision producing facets that mirror each other creating the most exceptional color and fire. 

This most coveted, emerald cut IOBI Cultured Diamond  is not only gorgeous but distinct. With an unmatched vintage look the intricately cut stone reflects the gleaming platinum plating of the band. Four subtle prongs secure the stone without detracting from its beauty. Using only the most premium quality, highly polished, Platinum Plating for the setting and band, the effect is truly exquisite. 

An IOBI Cultured Diamond allows for the purchase of a larger, more elaborate ring, is eco-friendly and conflict free. Our Elise IOBI Cultured Diamond is the epitome of luxury jewelry. Whether a symbol of love as an engagement ring or the much deserved self splurge it is guaranteed to impress. IOBI Cultured Diamonds arrive in a rich velvet ring box for stunning presentation and a polishing cloth to maintain its shine.

A new and exciting way to buy a diamond. IOBI Cultured Diamonds have all of the same physical, chemical and visual properties of a naturally formed diamond. Created from a small particle of carbon, it emerges as a rough stone exactly as if created by nature and is nearly impossible to distinguish from a natural diamond. IOBI Cultured Diamonds are cut and polished in exactly the same manner, but have higher clarity, color and fire. 

IOBI Cultured Diamond: NSCD 1.5Ct Nano Simulated Carbon Diamond
  • Cut: Emerald/Rectangle
  • Setting: 4 Prong
  • Color Grade: D-E, Colorless
  • Clarity Grade: IF
  • Carat Weight:  1.5 Ct 
  • Size: 6mm x 8 mm 
  • Materials: Highest Quality Platinum plating over Solid 925 Sterling Silver
  • Hallmark: Pt950 IOBI 01.50CT
  • Ring Weight: 3 Grams