Styling IOBI Thread Earrings Collection

Styling IOBI Thread Earrings Collection

Incorporating a unique piece of jewelry can completely transform your overall look. When you decide to purchase jewelry, you want to be sure the item is something that can be worn in a variety of ways, with many styles of clothing. A piece of jewelry that is both versatile, and makes a statement, can be a difficult look to pinpoint. One IOBI style that perfectly merges the concept of versatility and uniqueness is the Thread Earring collection.

Thread earrings, sometimes called threads or threaders, is a newer trend that shows no signs of disappearing any time soon. This style consists of a traditional earring post, which is attached to a chain small enough to slide through an ear lobe, usually with a bead, stone, or embellishment on the end. The post and chain slip through the piercing and then dangles behind the ear. This looks is completely unique from any other style of earring, taking an alternative approach to traditional drop or chandelier styles. Plus, they are so light-weight that you’ll barely feel like you’re wearing anything at all!

thread diamond stone earring silver

The beauty of this style is its versatility. IOBI offers several thread earring styles. Here we show you how you can pair these earrings with a variety of styles for a truly original look that your friends will envy.  


Thread earrings are an easy way to complete a chic formal look. Whether you’re attending a wedding, party, or any other special occasion, thread earrings are a great options for elevating your outfit. Wear your hair in a sleek updo and this distinct style will not only attract attention, but frame your face. Choose one of our gemstone or crystal styles, which twinkle and reflect the light for a beautiful eye-catching look that looks great with hair both up and down. No matter what the special occasion might be, thread earrings are the perfect addition to any formal look.

thread blue heart stone earring thread diamond stone formal earring


The best thing about thread earrings is not only can they be dressed up, but they are also great for everyday use! Threads are a great look for work or the office. Many styles available in the IOBI collection are more subtle and can be paired with a suit, jeans, or a business casual look. If you are looking to add a little spunk to you day-to-day work look, try a pair of classic pearl thread earrings that will match almost any style you choose.

thread pearl silver casual earrings

Date Night

Thread earrings is the perfect option to add just a little something extra to your favorite date night look. Whether you’re going to the movies, a fancy dinner, or out for a night of dancing, IOBI offers a number of fun and funky styles to liven up your date night outfit!

thread formal silver drop Chandelier earrings  thread spider gemstone diamond bug insect earrings

The thread earring style is so unique and attractive that they’ll completely up the ante on your earring game. Because they work with so many different styles and outfits, you’ll never want to take them off. If you’re looking for something new and different to add to your jewelry collection, consider a beautiful pair of IOBI threads, we promise you won’t be disappointed!

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