Hollywood Jewelry Styles

Hollywood Jewelry Styles

The perfect piece of jewelry can tell a story. Have you ever been watching a movie and the jewelry completely steals the show? A lot of effort goes into selecting the perfect pieces to set the scene and complete an on-screen look. Often times, jewelry can even play a central role to the plot of a film.

Here we’ve selected some of the most prolific pieces of movie jewelry. These jewels have gained just as much attention as the characters that donned them. We’ve also selected a few IOBI copycat styles that not only resemble these famous Hollywood styles, but are a sure to steal the show whenever you wear them.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

This movie is most widely-known for its famous musical number Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend. In this scene Marilyn Monroe’s jewel-obsessed character Lorelai sings about her love of diamonds. The Hollywood bombshell is dripping in diamonds rocking an elaborate statement choker, drop earrings, and several blingy bracelets. If your love of jewels is just as strong, IOBI offers dozens of diamond styles you can layer up to get the same fabulous look!


Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Tiffany’s is one of the most iconic luxury jewelry companies in the world. In the movie Audrey Hepburn’s famous character Holly Golightly is a transformed New York society girl whose glamor is undeniable throughout the movie. However none of her looks are quite so famous as her black dress ensemble. It has been resurrected year after year as an homage-paying halloween costume. If you love this classic Audrey look, check out some of the similar jewels from IOBI’s collection!


The epic historical drama of the young Egyption Queen Cleopatra is undeniably one of Elizabeth Taylor’s most legendary roles. The movie features dozens of ancient Egyption-inspired costumes and jewelry that can described as nothing less than dazzling. IOBI’s collection features several similar style pieces that will have you feeling just as royal as Cleopatra herself!


This Academy Award Winning film tells the story of Kate Winslet’s character Rose, who pursues a love affair on the iconic British passenger ship. In the movie, Rose is gifted The Heart of the Ocean, a blue 56 carat diamond originally owned by Louis XVI during the French Revolution. While you’re unlikely to find an equally-priceless Heart of the Ocean necklace, IOBI has similar blue stone styles that are just as capable of stealing the show.

Girl with a Pearl Earring

The film Girl with a Pearl Earring follows the Dutch Golden Age painter Johannes Vermeer and his painting by the same name. In the movie Griet, a young servant played by Scarlett Johansson, becomes a muse to the famous artist. He paints the infamous portrait of the girl wearing a beautiful pearl earring. The earring’s reflection of light has what made the real-life painting so prolific, however in the movie the earring represents a separation of class. If you love the simplicity of these timeless pearls, you can find similar earrings in the IOBI collection.

As you can see jewelry can play an important role in the plot and production of a film. If you’re feeling inspired by any of these looks, take a look at IOBI’s extensive collection for pieces that will capture the attention of an audience, and leave you feeling as glamorous as these Hollywood stars!

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