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Feshionn IOBI

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The color of royalty is contained within these delicateย but deep red stones.ย ย Theย mostย popular of all gemstoneย cuts, these princess stonesย have a crimson glow withย a Clarity Rating: VVS. Expertly cut and polished with the utmost precision producing facets that enhance theย color and fireย of the already breathtaking stones.

These exquisitely crafted, alluring jewels areย set in the highest quality solid 925 Sterling Silver withย triple rhodium plating for durability and incredible shine. Each is nestledย inside of aย delicate boxย detail gallery withย four prongs to secure the precious stones. ย 

Whether aย token of affectionย or theย much-deserved self-splurge, it is guaranteed to impress. Also available in Royal Purple, Royal Garnet,ย Royal Blue and Royal Green
These magnificent creations arrive in a rich velvet presentationย box.

ย IOBIย Precious Gems: 0.8 CTย Simulatedย Ruby
  • Cut: Princess
  • Setting: 4 Prong
  • Clarity Grade: VVS
  • Carat Weight: .39CT Per Earring - .083 CTW ย ย 
  • Stoneย Size:ย 4mm x 4mmย 
  • Materials: Highest Quality Solid 925 Sterling Silver with Rhodium plating.

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Feshionn IOBI Ships from USA and Europe.

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