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Feshionn IOBI

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A most masculine look, thisย fabulous 8mm Two-Tone Carbon Fiber Tungsten Ring features a unique carbon fiber insert with a subtle black wovenย design. Surrounded by artisan crafted, highlyย polished tungsten, withย beveled edges for a more comfortable fit.

If you are looking for a ring that is scratch resistant and ย keeps its shine, then our Tungsten Carbide rings are for you. Tungsten Carbide is ranked second hardest next to diamond on the Mosh scale, diamond being a 10 followed by Tungsten Carbide as 9. All of our Tungsten rings are Cobalt Free and hypoallergenic. Our rings will not cause skin irritations nor turn your fingers green. Due to the Hardness of Tungsten, these rings can be laser engraved, but not hand engraved.

Elegant enough for formal wear and durable enough for even the hardest working man.

AVAILABLE SIZES: 7ย toย 12.5

Material: Solid Tungsten Carbide
Style: High polished
Fit: Comfort Fit

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Feshionn IOBI Ships from USA and Europe.

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