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Feshionn IOBI

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The perfect solution to a loose ring. The innovative design creates a snug fit by easily wrapping around the back of the band. A great cure for spinning rings caused by knuckle problems. The spiral design simply twists around the band. 4 inches long it can be cut to fit for use on several rings. The high-quality silicone material is comfortable, durable, soft and invisible. It will not detract from the beauty of any ring. Cleaning is easy, wipe to remove dirt, oil, and dust, it will not become discolored over time. Makes a great guard against scratching and discoloration on bands.

  • Instructions: Put one end of the spiral around the band and twist it on until the desired length is full and trim to fit. 
  • Size: 3.75 inches long x 4 mm wide 
  • Includes 3 pieces 
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