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Feshionn IOBI

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So incredibly unique it's hard to believe this is a naturally occurring gemstone! IOBIย Precious Gems is aย showcase of all of the magnificent creations that nature has to offer.ย The incredibly brilliant stone is concave cut to create ridges around the perimeter of the stone that enhances theย color and fireย of the already breathtaking gemstone. Itย has been expertly cut and polished with the utmost precision ย Clarity Rating: VVS

It simply does not get more impressive than this magnificent 30 caratย Rainbow Fire Mystic Topaz which displays a mesmerizingย prism of colors. From greens, blue and purplesย that are deep, mysterious and unusual.ย This extraordinary stone is a showstopper on its own but is enhanced by the graceful lines of the setting which become swirls that add intrigue to the already unusual ring.ย IOBIย Precious Gems areย set is the highest quality solid 925 Sterling Silver withย triple rhodium plating for durability and incredible shine. The elaborately raised scroll detail gallery compliments the floral theme and adds a 3D effect.

Whether a meaningful giftย or the much-deserved self-splurge it is guaranteed to impress. It's impossible not to fall madly in love with these unique and eye-catching creations. Add variety to your jewelry collection with all of our Rainbow Fire Mystique Topaz jewels. ย IOBIย Precious Gemsย arrive in a rich velvet presentationย box.

ย IOBIย Precious Gems: 30Ct Genuine Rainbow Fire Mystic Topaz
  • Cut: Marquis Concave
  • Setting: Prong
  • Clarity Grade: VVS
  • Carat Weight: 30CT
  • Stoneย Size:ย 25mm x 18mm (approximately 1 inch x .70 inch)
  • Profile Height: 1/2 inch
  • Materials: Highest Quality Solid 925 Sterling Silver with Rhodium plating.
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Feshionn IOBI Ships from USA and Europe.

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