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Feshionn IOBI

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Shining with the brilliance of the night sky, Stella features fiveย flawlessย IOBIย Simulated Diamondsย with a Clarity Rating: IF and the Color Grade D-E. Expertly cut and polished with the utmost precision producing facets that emanate the most exceptionalย color and fire.ย 

The bezel is a most popular style of setting. Surrounding the brilliant stones in the precious metals it creates a sleek modern effect. Smooth to the touch and most secure. Each stone is 3.7mm (.20CT) totaling 1CTW. This impressiveย IOBI Simulated Diamondย designer setting is crafted in 18K gold plating over solid 925 sterling silver that contrasts with the bright silver bezels.

Anย IOBIย Simulatedย Diamondย allows for the purchase of a larger, more elaborate ring, is eco-friendly and conflict-free. Our Stella D'oraย is the epitome of luxuryย jewelry. Whether aย symbol of love as an anniversary ring or the much-deserved self-splurge it is guaranteed to impress. Pair it with another band for a stacked effect or an heirloom solitaire. ย IOBIย Simulated Diamondsย arrive in a rich velvet ringย box for stunning presentation. Only at IOBI.
1CTWย Simulated Diamonds
  • Cut: Round
  • Setting:ย Bezel
  • Color Grade: D-E
  • Clarity Grade: IF, Flawless
  • Carat Weight: 1ย CTW
  • Size:ย 5 x 3.7mmย 
  • Materials: Highest Quality Platinum plating over Solid 925 Sterling Silver
  • Hallmark:ย 18KGP ย IOBI ย D1.00ct
  • Ring Weight: 2.9 Grams
  • Reg $219
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