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IOBI Cultured Diamond

What is an IOBI Cultured Diamond?


Is a new and exciting way to buy a diamond. IOBI Cultured Diamonds have almost the same physical and visual properties of a naturally formed diamond. Created from a small particle of carbon, it emerges as a rough stone exactly as if created by nature and is nearly impossible to distinguish from a natural diamond. 

 IOBI Cultured Diamonds are cut and polished exactly as a natural diamond to achieve maximum brilliance and be nearly flawless. The highest clarity, color and fire can only be attained by precision finishing processes, resulting in better clarity grading than naturally formed diamonds. 


Created in a controlled environment, IOBI Cultured Diamonds are eco-friendly and require no mining, little energy to produce and are 100% conflict free. At a fraction of the cost, an IOBI Cultured Diamond allows for the purchase of a larger, more elaborate and much more brilliant jewelry piece.


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Why IOBI Cultured Diamonds?

100% Conflict Free



Available On 925 Sterling Silver Setting (Extra Affordable) or Classic 14K White Gold


We Ship From Florida USA

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We Genuinely Want You To Be HAPPY With Your New Jewelry! 



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IOBI Cultured Diamonds

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