Jewelry Care

Caring for your jewelry and other accessories

General materials are listed on each product listing.ย  It is recommended that jewelry and other accessories (such as scarves), not be worn in contact with chemicals (e.g. swimming pool, soaps and detergent, household cleaners, fragrance, etc.) as it may alter the appearance of the item.

Some of our jewelry is plated.ย  Plating may wear over time.ย  Avoiding wearing these items when in contact with chemicals, or during rough activity, may slow the process of plating wear.

Some of our jewelry is sterling silver.ย  Please note that any jewelry that is 925 sterling silver is not pure silver.ย  All sterling silver jewelry is mixed with other metals for strength.ย  Sterling silver jewelry may tarnish over time, turning a grey or pink color.ย  This is a natural process of sterling silver as it comes in contact with the air, and does not suggest a product defect. Storing your jewelry in a sterling silver cloth or jewelry box for sterling silver jewelry may help slow the process. Please consult a local professional jeweler for tarnish removal assistance.

Some of our earrings come with hooks, loops, and clasps.ย  Activities such as exercise, fast movement, hair combing, swimming, putting on and removing clothing, etc, may cause jewelry to catch and break.ย  We recommend taking precautions when wearing jewelry during activity.

Jewelry and skin sensitivity

General materials (stone type, sterling silver, overlay, plated, leather, etc) are listed on product descriptions.ย Plated, overlay, plastic based jewelry, and sterling silver jewelry are mixed with other metals and materials for added strength.ย  Miscellaneous materials used in products by the manufacturer are not listed in entirety on our product descriptions. Some customers may have a sensitivity to jewelry or fabric based materials.ย  Wearing jewelry or other fabrics may cause redness, reaction, or skin discoloration.ย  We strongly recommend that all items be tested by wearing it for a short duration and carefully monitoring to test for skin sensitivity.ย  We do not recommend ever wearing jewelry for long a long duration or while sleeping, as potential reactions cannot be carefully monitored.ย  Customers with sensitive skin are encouraged to consider our jewelry made solely of surgical steel, which is most compatible with sensitive skin.ย  Please contact us for product suggestions.